Boys Play House

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Boys play house, Men build homes, adalah sepotong kalimat yang dikutip dari serial buku parenting inspiratif yang berjudul Superdaddies; The Series, Presents ditulis oleh Anita T. Gibbs.

Kutipan tersebut hanyalah salah satu dari banyak kutipan lainnya, lihat deskripsi dibawah untuk daftar lengkapnya…

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Ukuran 6.5 Cm x 6.2 Cm

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Boys are students: Men are teachers
Boys are consumers: Men are producers
Boys play with toys: Men work with tools
Boys break things: Men make things
Boys ask questions: Men give answers
Boys are disruptive: Men bring order
Boys run in gangs: Men organize teams
Boys play house: Men build homes
Boys shack up: Men get married
Boys make babies: Men raise children

A boy won’t raise his own children: A man will raise his and somebody else’s
Boys invent excuses for failure: Men produce strategies for success
Boys look for somebody to take care of them: Men look for somebody to take care of
Boys are present-centered; Men are time-balanced, having knowledge of the past and understanding of the present and a vision for the future
Boys seek popularity: Men demand respect
Boys are up on the latest: Men are down with the GREATEST

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    kereeenn.. suka banget kata-katanya 😀

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